Welcome ... get nailed & your hands pimped up!

Manicured hands with shaped fingernails complete the picture of any woman who wants to look good and in my studio there are so many possibilities for your perfect fingernail design.
Wheather if you want it natural, business look or crazy coloured
- all is possible.

Many classic or modern shapes are available - all with hard gel:
square, soft square, squoval, almond ... or extreme shapes like pipe, russian almond, gothic almond, marilyn, edge, stiletto a.o.
- depending on your natural nail and your personal style we will find the right one.

Of course if you are a nail technician by yourself and want to learn how to sculpt and model one or more of these shapes or you are a beginner and want to build up your business and work in this wonderful and creative profession you can book this all in my workshops.
Also you can book me for a day training in your own studio
- please contact me for more details.


On the subject of nails:
I model my customers no "super gauzy" nails, after 1 - 2 weeks (housework, cleaning, bed-making, other "danger zones" etc.) already breaking, splinter or break otherwise.
Of course, you get no "thick chunks" on your fingernails :o)

My motto: As thin as possible but as thick as necessary!


You would like a classic nail modeling (extension, refill or filling natural nails) or a classic manicure for your natural nails?
You like to paint your nails and are tired of repainting all 3 days because splattering off the polish?
Then my "UV POLISH" is something for you - great colors
or french look -thin as normal polish but durable as gel
- and lasts approximately 2 - 3 weeks.

With me, you get an individual, professional and free consultation by now 20 years of experience.


Yours Bettina Wiesen



6.00AM - 10.00PM





Unit 9 Park Lane

(in Lola Hair Studio)

Carrick on Shannon

Co. Leitrim


Bettina Wiesen


Phone +353 (0)8383 683 78

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